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Supplied in pack - 1 rose, 1 envelope & 1 Valentine tile.


All You Need is Love - Revel in romance with this luxurious fragrance, topped by juicy red apple that sink into softer floral tones of peony blossom and jasmine. Rich gilly flower and delicate rose petals mix with soft blush suede as the fragrance dries.


Cupid's Flame - Awaken your senses with Cupid's Flame, where the vibrant splash of blood orange and bergamot fuses with the sweet caress of peach. At its heart, earthy patchouli dances with delicate rose bud, weaving a spell of natural elegance. The journey settles into a mysterious blend of old musk and deep, woody notes, grounded in the authentic touch of patchouli oil. It's a raunchy twist on classic earthiness to send you right into cupid's chokehold.


Lemon Kissed - Celebrate love with the zesty joy of Lemon Kissed, a fragrance that opens with a flirtatious blend of lemon, bergamot, lime, and a whisper of pineapple – a love letter written in citrus. The heart of the fragrance beats with the unexpected romance of buttermilk fused with the subtle spice of cardamom, a combination as unique and harmonious as love itself. It all rests on a foundation of warm, comforting cake and vanilla, reminiscent of sweet Valentine’s day treats shared between lovers. Blended with the vibrant essences of cardamom, lemon, lime, litsea cubeba, orange, and petitgrain, Lemon Kissed is perfect for creating a heady, zesty aroma thats sure to fill every room with love.


Love Letters - A classic tale of romance, beginning with a fresh trail of soft citrus notes accompanied by creamy almond and smooth coconut. The edible heart blends floral nuances with delectable rose meringue, before coming to rest on a delicious base of tonka bean, vanilla and crystallised sugar.

Valentine Pack

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