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Comfy Waterlily & Lime - Invigorating citrus fragrance with middle notes of freesia that lay elegantly on a bed of amber for a truly refreshing laundry accord.

Frosted Eucalyptus & Cashmere Musk - A stunning house blend of our notorious lenny frosted eucalyptus (a multifaceted forest scent with hints of mint, honey, and citrus). Blended with an extra dose of cashmere musk for a super soft laundry finish!

Frosted Wonder Rose - A rich fragrance which opens with fruity and greenery notes that are infused with middle notes of rose, muguet and violet. An added boost of white frosted flowers cool this scent from the original for a winter wonderland take on the original!

Lenny Ruby Fleur - A compilation of fresh fruits and florals, with notable cherry blossom, freesia and nectarine vibes.

Lenny Sparkly Blooms - A floral aroma which opens with fruity tones of pineapple and lime. A powerful infusion with rose, iris and orange rest gently on a bed of amber, raspberry and tonka to exude a rich floral scent.


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